About Us

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It’s not done yet.”  -Suzi Vandersteen

Kitchee Gammi Design Co. is the third child of Suzi Vandersteen, owner and creator.  This is a business that was founded on the principal of doing what one loves.  After graduating from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Suzi went on to work in that field for 13 years, as therapist, hand holder, program manager and supervisor.

Those same skills have been an asset while working in the design business.  For 14 years Suzi has been leaving her mark in the community of Duluth MN combining these talents with her natural ability to design.  This has given her the reputation of being an artful interpreter of people’s visions, especially in creating the warm and healing environments of Amberwing, A Center for Children and Families and Solvay Hospice House.

Suzi believes that design should be fun, personal, inviting, relatable and never intimidating.   Her studio on Superior street in Duluth MN is a playground to create beautiful design for her clients, break down the design processes while hosting open studio nights and a place to have occasional sales from her trips around the corner or around the world.